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We have developed a portal dedicated to saving business administrators a wealth of time and labor in health plans. The pandemic has impacted how businesses conduct administrative duties, requiring more attention than initially thought. Our easy-to-use service features a centralized management system that makes a breeze out of healthcare management.

The costs for administrative support can be significant when offering group health plans.


Eligibility and Benefit Verification

Over $11.8 billion was spent in employee benefit verification as an administrative cost. There is an estimated $4.2 billion in potential savings.

Claim Submission Costs

Over $3.8 billion was spent in claim submission for employee benefits. There is an estimated $635 million in potential savings.

Claim Status Inquiry (Follow-up)

Over $2.9 billion was spent in dealing with claim related follow-ups during the claims process. There is an estimated $2.1 billion in potential savings for following up with claims.

Remittance Advice (Contested Claims)

Over $4.1 billion was spent in dealing with contested claims. There is an estimated $1.8 billion in savings when contesting claims.

*2019 CAQH Index Report

Integrated for Success

Let us deal with the details of your organization’s health plan

We connect administrators to specialists in medical billing that address all claims effectively and efficiently. Take solace that we will always facilitate your requests with access to our services through any device.

total billing support

We take the complications out of medical billing. Each employee in your organization will assign to a specialist, proficient in all the details of your organizational health plan. Whenever you need to file a claim, you can trust that our support team will be available. Don’t leave the significant concerns to multiple other entities!

secured management portal

Our highly secure portal offers the complete spectrum of health plan management capabilities from any device, including smartphones. Should you require assistance, our technicians are on hand to help with any platform issue. We know that security is a concern for all administrators and employees. Never worry about personal information facing compromise.

healthcare considerations

We’ve tailored our service to consider all our client’s needs. The platform incorporates virtual doctors accessible for those with pre-existing conditions, so employees can get the healthcare they need without waiting. Our services strive to look after a companies’ personnel to the fullest extent. Find access to specialists from the comfort of your smartphone - 24/7.

ongoing support

Nothing feels better than a team that has your back. We offer one of the most streamlined services in health management. Beat out your competition with an increased number of benefits, and raise productivity with the assurance of better healthcare.



Eliminate an endless paper trail and countless hours of managing your employee health benefits through a Customized solution designed for efficiency and a smooth billing process. We are Health Insurance 2.0!


Upgrade your current group health plan by supplementing your coverage with dedicated billing support, complimentary claims assistance, unlimited telemedicine and HealthCare BlueBook pricing.


Our one of a kind Custom Care package is designed to give you all the benefits of the dedicated billing and claims support while filling in the gaps in your traditional group health plan.

custom insured
customized group health plans

CustomInsured can design a completely customized plan from the ground up. Benefits can be structured to eliminate deductibles and stabilize premiums with nationwide PPO networks.

Keep your finger on the pulse of organizational health care

Organization healthcare and management are in the limelight considering the current pandemic. We’ve created a podcast and blog to keep clients and prospects informed about the ever-changing industry. We aim to make your company’s health plan as straightforward as possible. Stay informed and engaged with our regularly updated posts.

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Upgrade to the most important open enrollment considerations in the last 50 years! We are Health Insurance 2.0!

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